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The Retrode :: KoRoRi :: 01-24-2012 00:00:00
For those who dont know their is a new retro device called the retrode.


This allows you to play SNES/SFC/Genesis/MasterDrive games with the original controller on your pc/mac/linux/wii(modded)/ps3(modded).

It treats your game as a thumb drive and you use an emulator to play it.

I know most are saying why... I can just download the rom. Well that is illegal. Others say well I also own the physical cartridge. That too is still illegal b/c its not a copy from the cartridge. It was from a third party vender.

I am big on gaming and this to me is the best way to do it legally.


Downloads :: KoRoRi :: 07-08-2011 00:00:00
Bare with me I am currently redoing some portions of the site..

Here are some of the links to the downloads for now.

Welcome to my New website :: KoRoRi :: 07-08-2011 00:00:00
I am currently updating portions of this site I have posted links to my apps/maps below. This site is being redone from the ground up. All the coding and the template I made from scratch.

Things left:
Game layout with Pagin
Program layout with pagin

Add Freelance to DB

Add Registration
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Edit My Profile

Upload Verification

Download Manager

A few other things on that list too