Welcome to my new site! :: KoRoRi :: 07-13-2015 13:44:47
I am still working on the back end of the site. This is the 7th version(style) change that this site has had. The entire system was rebuilt from the ground up. Some issues may still linger around. I know some of the downloads do not work. I am recovering the files from a backup and reupload them when I can. Let me know what you think about the style.

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New Site :: KoRoRi :: 09-25-2014 22:33:16
New Site

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Happy Birthday Sailor Moon :: KoRoRi :: 03-07-2012 00:00:00
[quote from tokyopop]
Happy birthday to one of the classiest ladies we know -- Sailor Moon! The anime icon made her anime debut twenty years ago today on March 7, 1992. We think she's aged rather well

I cant believe its already been 20 years. I remember watching this as a kid. Now I read the mangas. But you cannot mess with this classic it earned its respect and this Birthday.